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Love  is the first step into the 
Unknown regions of your Heart...

My Love stories open that Door.

Books by Roshandra, warmly writing on...

Eros and stories


I allow my Inspiration to guide me.  When a 'character' comes to me or a dream, my involvement into the story opens a doorway for me into that other realm.  I have always felt myself living between 'worlds'.   Day dreaming on what that other world is...leads the writer into the portal where the writer 'lets go' .  The 'reader' joins me on the story and this ride.  

I invite you all to enter this world with me and the writing I offer is to free your soul into the Love of a Divine Nature.

Twin loves, True Loves, Soul Mates of a Significant nature. 

 Roshandra, warmly writing on

from the Louvre'   Eros and Psyche'