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Love  is the first step into the 
Unknown regions of your Heart...

My Love stories open that Door.




Novella Alleandrea, his Beloved by R.M.Simone   NOW AVAIALABLE   'e' book' and paper back also.

Alleandrea is his Venus.  She has come back into her incarnation and he sneses her.  She is living in Italy and her counsin furprises her with a BOOK.  A LOVE STORY book.  As she carefully opens the Book on her business trip to Paris and NYC she finds the story is speaking directly to her.  How could this be?  At the same time her Love also is guided to find this BOOK.  His live turns upside down as he not only feels his Beloved again but he has crossed her path in the Paris airport where he sees this Book on Sale in a window display.  

They are both on a journey as this BOOK is their BRIDGE to find each other once again. A New Chapter of LOVE is about to OPEN.  A New Chapter to Love is being written.  It is Their LOVE Story.

Follow the Novella sweetness of her discovery of her Love story that a new author wrote about in this Book.

Her Beloved "V" is having the same Awakening of this Bridging.   Love is a Journey that takes us across time.

He is an Immortal and she is his Beloved.

          Roshandra warmly writing on